Confidence Creates Conversions Masterclass

Fill your calendar with dream clients

23rd November 2021
11am EST / 5pm SAT (replay available)
60min including Q+A

Let’s create a vision…. just imagine:

  • Knowing what to do, every day, to land dream clients
  • Feeling so good about your marketing that you’re not second guessing:
    • whether FB groups are still where clients are at (or any of the platforms you’re on right now)
    • or whether your prices are the reason for people not buying
  • being more consistent with your content

So that you’re confidently landing dream clients

What you can expect:

Learn my 4 step framework to find clients in your experience NOW

Knowing what steps to take to generate leads creates more confidence. Learn how my clients and I generate leads and make money with confidence.

10 marketing mistakes that are costing you money

Pstt... Want to know a secret? Many of these 'mistakes' are from self-doubt and fear of failure. So I help you...

Shift into confidence to make money by using a 3 step process

I'll teach you exactly how to replace limiting thoughts with empowering ones so that you kick ASS at my 4 step framework and land clients

Q+A so that you aren't left hanging

I want to make sure you know how to take inspired action straight after the training.

This is for you if you:

  • Always feel like the people you connect with aren’t your ideal clients
  •  struggle to generate consistent leads and land clients
  • question your pricing and whether that’s why people aren’t buying
  • hold back when it comes to saying what you believe in because you’re worried  people won’t like you and won’t buy

Confidence Creates Conversions