Coaching Moms in business to make More Money

Attract Quality clients using personalized Organic Marketing + Messaging strategies that suit your mom-lifestyle

You’ve had a taste of dream clients and now you want to know how to get more of them and take your business to your first $100K and beyond

Being a Mom means business gets dealt with a little differently…

BUT …Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have a successful business and be a present mom in your children’s lives. 

It is possible, BUT just not in the same way everyone else does business.. I SHOW YOU HOW

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you aren’t an expert in your field.. in fact you know you are

It just means time to work on your business and time for kids are shared

Schedules change because kids get sick and need extra mommy time… I mean that’s why we started our own business in the first place right?

Working on our business while rocking the crib or allowing your toddler more screen time is just sometimes how we get things done and that’s OK too.

BUT more than that, the more clients we get and the more money we make… the MORE freedom we have for our kids, our families, and ourselves. 

AND That’s what I’m here for.

To put more money in the hands of moms because that will change the world for the better. (In my opinion at least)

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After working with Lauren, I definitely had more clarity and knew exactly what ideal clients I wanted to attract, and also, now know the right words to use to speak to my overall message and mission. So take the jump and make it happen because you will not regret it!

Madonna Lazo Smith